Tuesday, February 24, 2015

14 Weeks

Wow, 14 weeks already! I'm happy to be in my second trimester and feeling really good. I'm really not showing yet, I get multiple comments a day at work that I have no bump. It really depends on what I'm wearing, in my work dress clothes I can hide my bump pretty well. I'm looking forward to a big round belly and feeling the baby move more. 

I received my combined screen results back which were great. Down syndrome came back 1 in 10K and trisomy 13 also came back 1 in 10K. 

How far along: 14 weeks!!

Size of baby: Lemon

Total weight gain: 5 pounds

Movement: I swear I've felt the baby move a few different times. 

Sleep: Sleep is great, I'm able to stay up a little later, I'm talking until 9:30 or 10 (old lady here). Earlier in my pregnancy I was fast asleep by 8ish or as early as possible. 

What I miss: I don't miss much, I'm not really craving alcoholic beverages at all. I do miss drinking coffee by the pots. :)

Cravings: Cookies, oatmeal scotchies to me exact. They were sold out in the 2 stores I checked which is probably a good thing for my waist line. 

Labor Signs: N/A

Maternity clothes: Nothing new the last two weeks, but rocking mostly all maternity pants. 

Best moments this week: I had the BEST weekend with my sweet little Audrina. The weather has been beautiful in Seattle and we've been trying to soak it all up. On Sunday we went to a trampoline place and Audrina met the cutest little friend. They held hands the entire time and it was so sad when the little girl had to go home. Also, Audrina napped in my arms twice over the weekend and I loved every minute of it. I'm not sure how many more times, if any, she will do this so I tried to savor every minute. 

14 Weeks with Audrina, sigh I was much smaller back then. :)

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