Friday, January 27, 2012

I gave into my craving...

I was finally able to cook this egg casserole I've been eyeing all week last night:
I got home from the gym and decided I no longer wanted it. So, I sent my sweet hubby to McDonald's to buy me a happy meal. I've been wanting a McDonald's hamburger like no other. First off, since when did McDonald's happy meal fries become so tiny?? I thought it was some sort of sick joke at first.
Anyway, I ate my burger and it just wasn't what I remembered. I guess this is a good thing, maybe I won't want McDonald's for a long time.
Today is Friday and my best friend is in town, it will be a good day. I'm feeling like a big huge blimp :( I hope I'm just bloated but who knows.
In other news, I came home from the gym Wednesday night to a clean house and roses from Derek, my husband. He is a keeper. :)

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  1. LOL, I totally craved Taco Bell (and once, KFC) while pregnant, even though I never eat fast food normally. :) Pregnancy is so weird!